Luxurious & Functional Extension Allows Room for Raised Trunk

No Back Seam ... for Derriere Comfort

Velvet lining, extension, raised trunk

Luxurious Velvet Feature Front Panel, with Plush Side Inside, Upwards

Concealed Button ... Perfect for Trunk Access

Tag Condom Cocoon ... Ingenious!

No Side Seams

Luxurious Velvet Undercarriage, with Plush Side Inside

Discrete Seams on Velvet Extension, for Raised Trunk

Elegant, luxurious & functional design
Tantilisingly soft velvet feature front panel, plush inside
Extension at the top of the feature front panel
Uniquely allows room for a raised trunk
Seams at the top of the velvet extension, for snug trunk hold
Also tantilisingly soft velvet undercarriage
Luxuriously soft Australian cotton body
No side or back seams, to embrace the body and derriere
Concealed button on centre front of elastic, for trunk access, when required
Cotton “blades” either side of velvet, to allow extra dimension
Silken soft elastic
Condom Cocoon at rear of elastic, as the ultimate date night underwear